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    And again time is against me, however I am moving forward

    Well, there just seems to be too much to do in life and time does keep getting away from me. Saying that I have met some awesome people in the last few busy months and am keeping in regular contact with them. Namely an author and an editor/publisher. Acashic is also throwing their help at me. Well after I spoke to them bluntly about trying to help their authors get their work out there. After all, if we are popular, they become well known. They want a short story off of me, unfortunately, I am not much of a short story writer. I am much more in for the long haul. Creating a family and putting them through their lives so others can watch and enjoy. I have been working closely with my new friends/contacts and my writing is looking better. Yes I know I am not the best at...

    Time may be moving way to fast, but life is looking good

      Well, time is always against us and today is no different.  The only difference being I have a great attitude, my first novel in front of me and inspiring words from a fellow author I would now call a friend.  His input has steered me closer to becoming the writer I want to be and that is one step closer to my life goal.  I have started the promotion trail again, with the addition of Blink’s profile from a great artist, one of the best, if not the best digital artist I have ever seen.  Life is full of ups and downs, however at this time I can honestly say, life is full of more positives and time can keep getting away from me as long as moments like this do not escape me.   More links to these great people and their own pages will happen in the...

Character profiles

Gunnery “Like taking candy from a baby.”
The Gunnery is like his brother. He has one person in his life that matters. Himself, just don’t stand in his way.
Lord Dragoon “Do not disobey me!” The head of The Company, he has enjoyed many advantages throughout his long life. The Councill is his direct report in theory, though he more then manipulates them into doing what he requires. He has an evil agenda and I pity all that stand in his way, even his son…

About DC Daines

It’s not a man’s thoughts that make him evil.
It’s what he does with those thoughts..

The world of “The Star Crystal” was something that I did not make up. Rather it came to me in a time of need. After many years working in the same job, I turned up to work, got myself stuck in a drum heating oven. Just imagine a massive, double-door steel box. Freaked out with mass claustrophobia and phoned my partner in crime. I can still remember those words, “I know that we have only been here for fifteen minutes, but I really need to go for a break.”
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