` Continuum, the continuation of a sci fi tradition?


Continuum, the continuation of a sci fi tradition?

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Continuum, is it the continuation of an old Sci-Fi theme or the start of a new one.  No matter the era, time travel has always been a big part of science fiction.  Be it H.G. Wells “The Time Machine.” James Cameron’s The Terminator”, … in “Quantum leap” “Time Traxx” or even Michael J Fox in “Back to the Future”, the concepts and opinion on how you would travel through time and what would happen to your future or past due to this time travel are different.

Continuum is no stranger to this in its unique representation of its main theme.  Time travel is possible, though its method is somewhat different. Starting with the joining of 6 items to create a time travel ball and subsequently a time bubble that engulfs six convicted terrorists in their hour of execution. Unfortunately? innocents are also caught in this ripple and sent back in time to a predestined date . However the date is not the one they were destined to go back to, or was it?

The first thing I noticed about Continuum was that you can not expect the predictable to happen, starting with the first few minutes of the show.  Imagine a futuristic world run by the companies, owned by the companies.  Then imagine that world reverting back in time, seamlessly changing into ours.  The special effects definitely do not disappoint.  The second thing I noticed was unfortunate as I had at that moment entered a pre set idea of the quality of acting upon seeing Victor Webster from “Mutant X.”  As I said, expect nothing.  He has really stepped up in his role as a handsome detective embracing the new and attractive female addition to his precinct. Now the gorgeous Rachel Nichols as the futuristic law enforcer does not disappoint in her black, full body suit.  My first thought was that they had encountered a designer from the computer game “Crisis” as the suit is so cool with its abilities that it could have only been from a game.  The second was ouch, sexy!  The flashbacks that play out her link to the past and our future are also as seamless as the scene changes.  Continually developing and unravelling the story line and plot that becomes more obvious as the season continues through its ten episode first season.

The rest of the cast of Continuum are no less worthy of note considering their roles in past science fiction series.  The head of the resistance/terroroists Tony Amendola from none other than “Stargate SG1.”  Female terrorist and loyal friend Lexa Doig from Andromeda, stargate.  A continuing appearance from Jennifer Spence from “Stargate Universe.”  Temporary leader of the revolution Roger Cross From “First Wave.”  Police commander Brian Markinson  from “Sanctuary” amongst other things, and the list goes on.

The relationship between the female cop/detective and most of the male characters in the series is only diminished in importance by the varying opinions on time travel theories shared by each of the main characters.  Is this an elaborate scheme to create the future she left?  Will everything she do affect the “her” of the future.  Will her husband and child still be awaiting her in that future or will this all be for nothing.  Because above all else.
The thing that rings true through the interlinked story lines each week is that nothing, not a thing is more important than her family. She will do everything in her power and allow nothing to get in her way of returning to her time, her husband and her son.

I would definitely recommend you catch up with season one of Continuum before the start of the soon to commence season two.

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