` The Woes Of A Writer!


The Woes Of A Writer!

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One would think getting published would be a dream come true.  I know, even I thought so.  My dream was to become published and possibly even a little bit important.  Well, I know importance is in the eye of the beholder so in a way I have become more important.  My writing certainly is to the people that have read my first book, loved it and are awaiting my second.  Unfortunately, I trusted the wrong publishing company.  They have done little more than make demands of my writing and myself and even wanted a short story for their anthology.  I kindly refused upon receiving their conditions…  Yet they have given little to nothing back to me and most importantly, to my readers.

I asked the simple questions when they signed me.  Are you a genuine publishing company?  Are you interested in my writing for its merits, not what you can bleed me for as an author?  Well, the answers given were clear and I signed with them.  However, splitting the costs for advertising and a few other ventures later I would have to say they are not too short of being a vanity press.  Since signing with them, they have shown all the signs of such an organisation.  Much to my dismay, after all I did do a lot of research before I signed, obviously not enough!

Now this has been my hurdle for the last few months, the reason amongst a few others that I have not kept my vigil on my web page, my face book page and my writing.  I was contemplating my future as a writer.  However this is not acceptable, it is not my choice as a friend pointed out.  It is not fair to my fans, friends or my characters, who are more like family and friends than imaginary beings and who have so much more to give to my readers.  Lastly, it is not fair to me!  Saying all this, one thing my publisher did do right is leave the rights to the book with me…

And to this end I continue my quest!!!!!!!!

I have so much to give, so many stories to tell and I am going to start now.  I am converting my book to proper e-book format, not this crap the publisher is trying to pass off as an e-book.  The rights are going to kindle and is hopefully going to be marketed at one tenth of the price my publisher is charging for a lesser version of the book.  I am going to get it out into the world, set it up properly and give something extra to the loyal friends and fans sticking with me, and best of all, to my new friends I wish to make along the way.

I have modified the second chapter, making it a little easier to follow, albeit less dramatic, but it will be more user friendly.  I also plan to throw in the end I wanted to from the start.  After all, book 1 was just supposed to be the first quarter of book 1.  My publisher decided book 1 was just too big, however as it stands now book 1 “ is just the beginning of this wonderful journey.”

Lastly, at the back of the book, I want to add some of my poetry, term used loosely.  It is the thing that has been keeping me sane in these months of doubt.  It may not be to everyone’s liking, or it might.  Either way, it is something extra for being there for me through the good and bad.  I hope that you will enjoy.

Now time to format for Kindle, edit some of my more SCi-fi or fantasy poetry and if you are into zombies, I will even throw in one of those 😉

This is DCDaines, or if you prefer, Danny signing off for a shorter term this time.

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