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Two’s better than one

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Competition 1


Hiya peoples, welcome to my world. Now you might be asking yourself, “What can I get out of being part of this site?” Well, there are a few things. Great content, great friends, and even better still…

By joining the web site and or the newsletter, you get your name in the draw for a chance to win an awesome prize. If you join both, you will be entered twice with the chance to…

Win a Star Crystal designed t-shirt and calendar.

Competition 2


I am also attending Genghis Con and Wai-con in Perth, Western Australia over the next few weekends to promote and sell my books and merchandise. I am very much hoping to have an official book launch at GAMECITY as pre-planned. Better late then never I say. This is why I have added a second competition for those that buy either, The Star Crystal book or something from The Star Crystal merchandising. If you buy the book from Lulu or acashic and want to enter this draw, just drop me a line and let me know the details and I will chuck you in the draw for your chance to…

Win a Star Crystal designed t-shirt, cap and an awesome vinyl poster.

As we are running two competitions, the completion dates will be a little longer than the normal, however, it will give you more time to enter, get a book, shirt, cap, and get your information to me.

The 16th of April 2012 is the cut off for all entries. After which we will try running a competition each month.

Any feedback is welcome

Terms & Conditions

1. Winners will be selected at random. Posting of winners is final and no correspondence will be entered into

2. Winners will be notified by e-mail and their names posted on this site once drawn

3. The prize is not transferable or exchangeable and is not redeemable for cash

4. All entries are confidential. No personal information will be passed onto third parties

5. (Due to Swan-con the entries have been extended to the 16th of April 2012 to allow everyone ample time to get their entries in after the convention)


  1. Jeanne

    March 4, 2012

    What a great blog


      March 18, 2012

      Thank you Jeanne. Sorry about the late reply, it seems I was using my wordpress wrong so my posts and replies did not work properly. I believe I have sorted the issue now and hope to blog alot more in the future 🙂

  2. Christine

    April 2, 2012

    A magazine theme would make ur blog look nicer 🙂


    April 19, 2012

    I can certainly provide more details and thanks for the comment 🙂


    April 23, 2012

    Winner of the Competition 1 is Benjamin J Snider from America. Ben has already picked out his gear. Hope I have the design in the right sizes LOL
    Thanks to all those that entered and hopefully I will have more prizes to give away in the future.

    Competition 2 will be drawn once I compile the huge list, then use random number generator to find another winner.
    Good Luck!


    April 23, 2012

    Competition 2 just drawn, again using random number generator. Lucky number 7. Congrats to Chris Rapley. I will inform him of his win on the morrow 🙂

    • Mario

      May 17, 2012

      Posted on I’ve been absent for a while, but now I rembmeer why I used to love this site. Thanks , I will try and check back more frequently. How frequently you update your web site?

  6. Rappers

    April 26, 2012

    Wow! Thanks for the prizes DC made my day… I enjoyed the book but it ended when I wanted to read more – cant wait for book 2!! 🙂 and Blink was a cool little dude….

    I still marvell at your ability, and bravery, to make this come to life. While I hope you dont quit your “day job” it would be great if one day if the daily gride here at the facory becomes your secondary occupation.DC Daines – Writer and occasional Pharma Compounder!! 🙂



      April 26, 2012

      Thanks and no problems, I hope you get some use out of the prizes.
      Yeh part time compounder would be cool, though with the thoughts that reside in my head others may argue I am already there.
      I am desperately hoping my plans get book two out very soon, just need to get more copies sold to show viability to publisher.
      And Blink is the dude, got to love him

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