` Has The Hunt Really Evolved? {PART 4}


Has The Hunt Really Evolved? {PART 4}

Has The Hunt Really Evolved? {PART 4}

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Has The Hunt Really Evolved? {PART 4}

This is dadeclan back to you with my news and opinions about TVshows and movies. In my latest blog about “Predator 3” {1990} I discussed that this movie well met my expectations, it had unexpected turnouts and curveballs that you wouldn’t see coming. In this blog I will be discussing my thoughts on “The Predator” {2018}.

The Predator {2018}

The latest predator movie, “The Predator” {2018} was the first movie I watched out of the franchise. (Let’s thank my dad for that) I would have to say this would have to be my favourite movie out of them all.  Not only was it enthralling but you got to see a lot of scenes with the predator in action. (That’s what I like). Even though it didn’t have the same environment/ feel, it was still the Predator. In my opinion I would say “yes the hunt has evolved”, but that’s just me; I was born into the new age of TV and film. The only thing that I disliked about this movie was that they tried to make it a comedy and the jokes just weren’t that funny. And the other thing is that the predator always went invisible during the old movies, but I swear I didn’t see it go invisible once in “The Predator” {2018}. The main reason I feel that the fans of the old movies won’t like the new one, was because it didn’t have the same feel to the predator as the old ones.

The Predator movies in order of which ones I liked (best to worst):

1. The Predator {2018}

2. Predators {2010}

3. Predator 2 {1990}

4. Predator {1987}

And that’s how Declan sees it!

What do you say, has the hunt really evolved?

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