` Has The Hunt Really Evolved? {PART 1}


Has The Hunt Really Evolved? {PART 1}

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Introducing dadeclan’s blog, that’s me. I live for TV and dance, it’s my life; all I care about. Well and my family of course. I am a 13 year old boy with strong opinions that are my own. Every week I will post blogs about TV shows and movies with my reactions and point of view. I will also update your minds on news about new movies and TV shows coming soon, reboots, remakes and book and comic adaptations.

Let’s start this week off with a bang…    I will review the 4 predator movies this week.

The Predator {1987}

This movie was a first of its kind to me. It was thrilling in some ways. Although this was not my favourite predator movie, it was still entertaining. The thing that put me off, was that it was in the jungle the whole movie, with very little dialogue. The dialogue was very limited, but had enough detail to let you know what was going on. I was raised into a new age of film and TV, so I don’t normally like old movies. Another thing that put me off, was that before I watched this movie, my Dad showed me the latest predator movie, “The Predator” {2018}. After watching the latest movie I was looking forward to seeing more of the predator in the original movie. But was disappointed how little scenes had the actual predator in; I wanted more.

Stay tuned to find out more of my point of views on the other Predator movies and why I think fans of the old franchise won’t like the new movie as much.



    January 20, 2019

    Well, I’d have to disagree with you in part on this one boy. The lack of dialogue was just right, and the movie was full of action in the normal Schwarzenegger tradition. This is what the Predator was about, not cheezy one liners or the inability to act, or over act, mmm, referring to predator 2 much. Anyway, I loved watching this movie again, Predator was exactly that, a movie with killer precision, just enough of everything with a touch of, OMFG, when you finally get to see the Predator in the flesh. I’d go back to this movie any day and watch Arnie in action. the only thing that did throw me was the camouflage of the Predator, lacking, but for the time, absolutely epic…

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