` The new informative “As Declan Sees it”


The new informative “As Declan Sees it”

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As my son has pointed out to me, we just do not do enough to make this website look loved. Sorry for the neglect. As a thank you for putting up with my inactivity; Declan, my son, has offered to add in a new blog called, As Declan sees it. You will feel the love, or pain… that I feel everyday as he bombards me with reviews on movies, TV shows, and the news in relation to them. Hope you enjoy.


  1. Jesus

    January 24, 2019

    Jesus was here…

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    January 26, 2019


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    January 27, 2019


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Gunnery “Like taking candy from a baby.”
The Gunnery is like his brother. He has one person in his life that matters. Himself, just don’t stand in his way.
Lord Dragoon “Do not disobey me!” The head of The Company, he has enjoyed many advantages throughout his long life. The Councill is his direct report in theory, though he more then manipulates them into doing what he requires. He has an evil agenda and I pity all that stand in his way, even his son…

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