` The Star Crystal


The Star Crystal

“I am but an instrument to link you to your past.”

The Star Crystal

The Star Crystal is but a shard of the original tree. Its individual life started on that fateful night when the Stray presence was almost eradicated from the universe by The Company. However, that is another book for another time.
The crystal has a soul. Well, not a soul, more like, souls, in that it absorbs the most prominent feelings, emotions and even memories of those that it touches. The crystal can then, in the right hands be harnessed to provide the information that is required. Though, this in itself is very hit and miss for all but its owner and protector who has spent much time perfecting his use of it to tell of his peoples plight

Character profiles

Gunnery “Like taking candy from a baby.”
The Gunnery is like his brother. He has one person in his life that matters. Himself, just don’t stand in his way.
Lord Dragoon “Do not disobey me!” The head of The Company, he has enjoyed many advantages throughout his long life. The Councill is his direct report in theory, though he more then manipulates them into doing what he requires. He has an evil agenda and I pity all that stand in his way, even his son…

About DC Daines

It’s not a man’s thoughts that make him evil.
It’s what he does with those thoughts..

The world of “The Star Crystal” was something that I did not make up. Rather it came to me in a time of need. After many years working in the same job, I turned up to work, got myself stuck in a drum heating oven. Just imagine a massive, double-door steel box. Freaked out with mass claustrophobia and phoned my partner in crime. I can still remember those words, “I know that we have only been here for fifteen minutes, but I really need to go for a break.”
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